4 Ways to Gain Loyal Blog Followers



Do you ever come across an Instagram account that has thousands of followers but only gets a few hundred likes per post and barely any comments? I know I do. That’s what happens in the case of blogging too. Remember, there’s a difference between raising your follower NUMBER and gaining real, LOYAL followers who love your content and enjoy reading your posts. Most of the times, those are two completely different things. Some people are so focused on gaining followers that they often forget that they should be aiming to gain loyal ones. The ones who really care about their blog and that’s why follow it.

Just persuading someone to click that “follow” button does NOT make them a follower. I’ve often seen people say, “I follow back!” or “Follow me and I’ll follow you.” This is what leads to a blogger gaining followers, but not ones who would read their posts and comment on them. This won’t help you gain more page views or unique visitors every month. This is just people trying to bribe others into following them so that they can raise their followers number and display it to the world. But bribing someone like this does NOT mean that they would return to your blog regularly and interact with you.

You might be wondering, “So what can I do to make my blog even better for people to follow it?” Don’t worry, today I’m here to talk about some ways you can gain loyal followers, the ones who will read your posts and come back for more!   Continue reading


Review: Rebel by Vanshika Prusty

Rebel (How It All Ends, #1)


Title: Rebel

Genres: Young adult, science fiction, dystopia

Publisher: FriesenPress

Publication Date: January 14, 2016

Page Number: 234


You could say Arsyn has an attitude problem. Or you could say she sees reality more clearly than most.

Arsyn has grown up under the oppressive, controlling regime that took power in the chaos created by a world disaster—and she hates it. She dreams of overthrowing the Eirene’s iron grip, or at least escaping it. But when she and her sister, Tatiana, are captured and sentenced to be killed in the dreaded Labyrinth, escape suddenly becomes an imperative.

It will take all of Arsyn’s formidable intelligence and courage to fight her way to the forbidden zone known as the Periculum—and even more to survive there. For while the Periculum is free of Eirene control, it is walled off for good reason. For the unprepared, the dangers of the Periculum are deadly. And as Arsyn joins up with an informal coalition of rebels and friends, the volatile dynamics of the group prove at least as challenging as the mutants and gangs she must defend herself against.

But the hardest test still lies before her: Arsyn must somehow return to the Eirene and rescue Tatiana, and soon. Her sister’s life depends on it.

Rating: 4/5 stars

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Discussion: All About ARCs

ARCs (Advanced Reader’s Copies) are kind of a big deal in the blogging community. They can be seen as a blogger’s status symbol. Some people think that only the “good” and popular bloggers receive them, which isn’t true at all. Sometimes they even cause jealousy — I know I’ve been a victim of ARC envy before — but that’s not something we can stop ourselves from feeling.

I’ve seen a ton of bloggers talk about ARCs on their blogs and Twitter, so I decided to help out new bloggers, too, by talking about what they are and how can one request them. I’d like to thank Ava @ Bookishness and Tea for inspiring me to write this post. You can check out her post here

To be honest, I didn’t even know what an ARC was when I first started blogging. I didn’t know why it was such a big deal in the blogosphere, and why people got so disappointed when their request was rejected (after all, you can still buy the book when it’s published, right?).

But now that I’ve been a part of this community for over a year, I know what it is, and have even received some of my own! But for those of you who have questions about ARCs or don’t know how to receive them, today I’m here to talk about everything I’ve learned about them this past year!  Continue reading