The Hamilton Book Tag (AKA My Favorite Things Combined)

Hamilton Book Tag

music-note-transparent-background-003371-glossy-black-icon-media-music-eighth-notesHistory has its eyes on me…. music-note-transparent-background-003371-glossy-black-icon-media-music-eighth-notes

Yes, that’s right. I, Leah, am a Hamilton fan. And yes, that’s also right, I am once again listening to the soundtrack while writing this blog post. And now, let me convince you to listen to Hamilton and… not throw away your shot…. and hop on the bandwagon! (Why yes, yes I did just make a reference, thank you for noticing! And yes, this post will be laden with more. ;))

Before I get started on this oh-so-awesome tag, I would like to tell you why I love this wonderful musical so much/how it has influenced my life! I got into Hamilton around a month ago because my friend Sarah (Sarah, if you’re reading this, I thank you again for giving me this new obsession), kind of forced me to. NO REGRETS! (Not even one letter!) It’s a hip-hop type rendition of our nation’s past, centered around Alexander Hamilton. Which, yeah, sounds kinda lame, but I SWEAR, it’s not. It’s awesome. I also love this musical because Lin-Manuel Miranda. He is a beautiful cinnamon roll who is too precious for this world.

I’ve always been interested in history, but school, of course, has kind of made me uninterested. History classes strip the emotion/intrigue away, and leave you with boring facts and a bad taste in your mouth. Thanks to Hamilton, I have reignited my interest in history, and I’m currently working on separating ‘School History’ from Real History in my mind. (Because, yes, there’s a difference!!) So yeah, I highly recommend checking out Hamilton if you haven’t already!  Continue reading